10 Reasons Why Recruiting Is A Great Career

I stumbled into Minnesota’s largest recruiting firm back in 1997 based on a friend’s suggestion. At the time, I didn’t even know what a recruiting firm was. Not knowing anything but the rental car business I came from, I sat down for an interview. I remember being skeptical when the recruiter told me I could make $100K if I was good.

After a number of interviews with other companies, I couldn’t shake what he’d said. $100K, really? I’d never made more than $50K, and at 27, that was a lot of money! It seemed like a good opportunity, and it had the sales aspect I was familiar with, so I accepted the recruiting position, placing salespeople in Minnesota.

Tony Sorensen
Tony Sorensen

In my first full year as a recruiter, I was the #2 person in the company out of over 30 recruiters, and I made over double what I had the year before.

I remember thinking that I had it all figured out. Sitting on an airplane ready to take off to Las Vegas with the owner of the company, I talked to him about the great $100K quarter in billing revenue I’d just had. Looking for him to tell me I’d done a great job or to give me a pat on the back, he looked at me and said, “That was last quarter. What are you going to do this quarter?”

He mentioned that it takes 5+ years to really become a student of this industry, and he was right. I believe recruiting is a lot like insurance – if you make it five years, it’ll be a rewarding career that you’ll never want to leave. I have yet to see a position within any other industry that offers the same perks that a recruiting career offers.

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Top 10 reasons to consider making recruiting your next career:

  1. Pay is based on performance, not by years at a company.
  2. Unlimited commission opportunities.
  3. Flexibility – no nights, no weekends, no travel (home for kids activities).
  4. Ability to build a business/network that will provide residual business.
  5. Build great relationships with talented people.
  6. Part of an industry that is evolving and changing daily.
  7. Help companies and individuals grow.
  8. Everyone loves to know a headhunter their parents can refer them to. Right mom? 🙂
  9. Viewed as subject matter expert who adds value to clients and candidates.
  10. Success is determined by you!

Sexy? Maybe. Rewarding? YES!

Tony Sorensen is a 16-year veteran of the talent acquisition Industry. As CEO and founder of Versique, a top executive search and consulting firm based in Minneapolis, he is responsible for all aspects of the business, with a passion built around culture, philanthropy, and marketing. Tony is active in the Minneapolis community, and enjoys contributing by sitting on the board of Medina Country Club, and by being an active member at the Children?s Home Society. Tony has been recognized by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as a 40 Under 40 award winner, and is a member of Vistage, a peer-to-peer membership organization for CEO?s and business leaders.


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  1. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I cannot agree with point number 3. ‘No nights, no weekends, no travel’. What if your candidates can only talk in the evening, or your dealing with candidates from other time zones. And don’t recruiters travel to see their clients? Relationships are built by being there for candidates and clients when they need you, not necessarily when it suits the recruiter, even if that means taking calls at the weekend.

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