10 Steps to Developing a Client Newsletter

Having a client-oriented newsletter can be a great way to gain repeat business, increase name recognition and stay fresh in the mind of your clients. This forum gives you the opportunity to provide value for your clients in the form of relevant information and also provides a stage for you to present your services.Marketing pro’s talk about the “3 R’s” of a good marketing plan:

  1. Reach: how many people hear your message?
  2. Repetition: How often do they hear from you? And
  3. Relevance: How relevant is your information? A quality newsletter allows you to address all 3 of these issues.

Here are some steps to getting started:Choose a Title for your newsletter:Your newsletter’s name should reflect the personality of your business and the kind of information that is likely to be found inside the newsletter. The name should also be targeted to the clients who you would like to attract. Make sure that you also include all points of contact at the top of each issue.Decide whether you will use a print or Email format: Personally, I’m partial to Email (duh) for a number of reasons. First of all it is much easier to produce and maintain an Email newsletter. Second you can put a sign up section on your website that automatically adds people to your list. And third there is very little cost or work involved.If you are using an Email format, decide on a provider: If your list will be larger than 50 people you will want to select a service to automate many of the functions of producing a newsletter. Some sites to check out are Topica.com, constantcontact.com or getresponse.com.Choose sections that you will have in the newsletter: Your newsletter should have clearly laid out sections that people can scroll through. Some ideas for possible sections could include: an intro section, a feature article on a topic of interest (retaining top performers, how to work with recruiters, hiring trends etc.), a profile of one of your clients, an “ask the recruiter” section, a section on recent searches that you have filled, etc.Be sure that you watch for quality: Be sure to provide content that is useful and informative to your target market. Again, this can include articles, editorials, reader comments, Q & A’s, research or How-to’s.Have a section where you can sell your services: Have a section in your newsletter where you have space to sell your services or self-promote what’s new with your company. This is your chance to tell your readers how you have been successful with other clients and how you can help them as well.Have an offering that motivates clients to call you: Include an offer in the newsletter that will create an action on the part of your reader to contact you. This can be in the form of a consultation regarding their hiring needs, a complimentary salary comparison that you can conduct, a first look at your top tier of candidates, etc.Include color and a graphic or photo of your team: Lend personality and color to your newsletter with either a graphic of the work you do or a photo of your team.Be consistent: Maintain a schedule for mailing your newsletter. Once a quarter, bi-monthly, monthly . . . whatever you choose, keep to the schedule.Track your results: When you speak with clients ask for their feedback regarding the newsletter. Keep track of when someone calls you as a result of seeing the newsletter so that you can measure your effectiveness.

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