$100k Job Site To Become $40k And Up

Since launching in 2003, TheLadders has been pretty clear what it’s all about. It’s the place for jobs who pay $100,000 and up, and for candidates in that range.

No more.

Beginning in September, says TheLadders, any salaried worker on their way up is welcome.

“It fulfills our mission and our vision,” Alex Douzet said this morning announcing the change. Right from the beginning, explained Douzet, president and co-founder, he and CEO Marc Cenedella had their eye on the up-and-coming professionals.

They focused first on the $100,000 segment, seeing it as an underserved market. Now, he said, the time is right to broaden the scope.

For sure it’s a much bigger market, even with the new salary floor of $40,000. The U.S. Census Bureau says just 9.7 percent of the workforce makes more than $100,000. Even allowing for those a step down to the $75,000 floor, that’s still only 18.1 percent.

By resetting the floor, TheLadders broadens the potential market to something like half the workforce.

However, that resetting impacts the cachet TheLadders has cultivated as the source of “Hand-screened $100k+ jobs,” a point reinforced most recenlty in a series of provocative TV ads.

So the natural question for Douzet is: Doesn’t this make TheLadders just like any other job board?

“The $100,000 cachet is not something we are ever going to lose,” Douzet insists. “That won’t go away.”

Instead, he said, expanding TheLadders to all but entry-level professionals will be a benefit to both job seekers needing help with their next career move, and to recruiters who want to source candidates who have already been qualified.

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Says Douzet, “We are a curated network” made up of “the right jobs, the right recruiters” and vetted candidates.

The screening TheLadders does for the $100,000 candidates in its fee and free network will be extended to the candidates in the lower salary ranges. So a job seeker now making $60,000 will get access only to matching jobs within an equivalent and next-step salary band.

That’s done to “avoid spamming” of recruiters and hiring managers by job seekers not qualified by experience or rank for a too-lofty position. Douzet said candidates and jobs would be grouped by experience and salary and each would be matched on that basis. Recruiters can search the entire database if they choose.

For job seekers who sign-up for TheLadders’ premium service (which is $15 for a month at the current promotional rate), they get access to a career counselor, a resume critique, and can search for specific recruiters. Free clients can see, but can’t apply, to jobs, though their resume is available to recruiters.

None of that will change, Douzet said, acknowledging that focusing on $100,000 jobs helped distinguish TheLadders from other job sites. But, he said, what really set TheLadders — and its eight verticals — apart was the services it provided its paying customers.

“Just showing me the job listing isn’t enough,” Douzet says. Job seekers want help with everything from their resume to elevator pitches, and that, he said, isn’t something just $100,000+ wage earners want.

John Zappe is the editor of TLNT.com and a contributing editor of ERE.net. John was a newspaper reporter and editor until his geek gene lead him to launch his first website in 1994. He developed and managed online newspaper employment sites and sold advertising services to recruiters and employers. Before joining ERE Media in 2006, John was a senior consultant and analyst with Advanced Interactive Media and previously was Vice President of Digital Media for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group.

Besides writing for ERE, John consults with staffing firms and employment agencies, providing content and managing their social media programs. He also works with organizations and businesses to assist with audience development and marketing. In his spare time  he can be found hiking in the California mountains or competing in canine agility and obedience competitions.

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7 Comments on “$100k Job Site To Become $40k And Up

  1. ahh Ladders, alas we barely knew ye. Jetison of a Raison d’être type concept tends to portend M&A action sometime soon, since once the concept is shot, the rest of the business seems ordinary (or worse)…. will be interesting to see how they fare….

  2. Oh Lord love a duck. The 100K jobseekers got wise. It will be interesting to see how those 400 kids a few years out of school determine the difference between a 40K job and a 60K job.

    The Circus Soleil has now become a sideshow. Spamarama. Hang on the cost for recruiters is about to come down for access.
    But think of the expanded base of suckers this will include to tap for the 800 dollar canned resume. Methinks the folks at this salary level do not comprende caveat emptor and tend to be more vocal when they think they got bilked.

    Wonder what kind of commercial they will come up with to woo the 40K job seeker. Build the database boys and sell it fast. Flash for the Ladders. 40K for a college grad is entry level or below.

  3. Don’t they already have a reputation for posting ads that fall well below the six-figure mark? I know the weekly alerts that I subscribed to (research, of course) contain listings for titles that tend to barely pay $70k.

    And, let’s not forget the so-called exclusivity of postings… ummm, yeah, not so much!

    Sandra, you nailed it on the “canned resume” remark. Absolutely disgusting that anyone would charge that much $ for the results produced. Terrible 1982 resume templates with sloppy formatting, poorly written and overly wordy content.

    Resume / career certifications up the ying-yang don’t prove competence in effective or current techniques. Need examples: check the websites of those boasting about their creds – my 7th grade niece could put together a resume or cover letter like that!

    UGGGHHH. I’ve had so many job seekers contact me due to their embarrassment and disappointment for investing in those paid services only to find out they were swindled by slick ads and empty promises.

  4. Sandra – You hit the nail on the head with the entry level candidate. The first thing I thought was that $40K is entry level in most professional positions (i.e. Software, Sales, Healthcare etc.). So how are they different than the general boards?

  5. Cenedella and Douzet have been looting job hunters’ and employers’ wallets for a long time, demonstrating no standards, no ethics, willing to lie about anything to get another subscriber and another employer on board. They’ve been propped up by irresponsible HR managers who waste corporate funds, and by “recruiting industry” shills who’ve been feeding off TheLadders’ nipple for years. When are the “experts” going to stop pretending that the loud cries of fraud from Ladders’ customers (employers and job hunters) don’t matter? As for the rationalizations that Cenedella and Douzet offer for turning their little racket into just another job board… I hear there’s a couple of jobs for snakeoil salesmen over at JobFox… The pay is about $100k+, or maybe it’s $15k, or $15/month… All that left is a state attorney general’s investigation.

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