A 99-cent ATS That Will “Change the Face of Recruiting”

The language is lofty: a new applicant tracking system claims it will “change the face of the recruiting business.”

We’re not sure we buy that yet, but FindHire is certainly worth a look. And at 99 cents — for the iPad app, or about $100-$200 monthly for a few users on the web version — to get started, there’s not a lot of risk. It’s an ATS with a user-friendly appearance for recruiters, a separate look for candidates, and all meant to look like so-called “Web 2.0” sites (aren’t we on 3.0 yet?).

CEO/co-founder Michael Dennis (who came from a boutique recruiting firm) provided a look inside the site. You can do things like create your own little job board; import candidates from social media sites; look through resumes; schedule interviews; use videoconferencing to interview people; send out mass emails; send out an offer and have it signed digitally; and, keep track of analytics like interview-to-offer ratios.

It’s versatile enough for small agencies and independent recruiters, as well as employers. In fact, the FindHire support site insists, “The program is so dynamic it will organize your entire database of contacts; whether from Linkedin, Facebook, or just excel sheets. With one button you can import and have that tangled web of data neatly organized the way it should be.”

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You can flip through resumes a bit like you flip through album covers on iTunes. Speaking of i-things, FindHire is aimed at users with iPads, desktops, or laptops.

The system comes pre-loaded with 20,000 job candidates.


5 Comments on “A 99-cent ATS That Will “Change the Face of Recruiting”

  1. i checked this out,

    its just another tool that doesnt mean anything if you don’t possess the ability/desire to pick up the phone and make cold calls

    1. Cool concept, just another cool tool, business still requires the fundamentals. Tired of hearing about all these new things that are going to change the face of recruiting, only thing that changes the face of recruiting are the individuals that get out of bed and goto work. If you use a PC, mac or ipad to work that is your choice, I doubt any of these things will ever be little black boxes that close deals for us.

    2. True. But if you can pick up the phone it seems pretty helpful. I’m using the free version now, and it is pretty cool so far. I’m sure they’ll charge more soon.

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