A Balancing Act

The last two years have been a disaster for many recruiters. For the survivors, stress levels have been high and relaxation a rare treat. To make things worse, most successful recruiters are hard-driving, focused, workaholics. From a business standpoint that is not a bad thing. From the personal and physical side, it can be a recipe for failed marriages and serious illness.The key to long-term success and physical survival of any recruiter is to interject some balance in their life. That balance does not have to be done in a particular way but experience and observation of others indicate that these are viable options.

  1. Time Off. Because we function as stand alone businesses we must plan time off and actually take it. Some balance between leaving the cell phone turned off and having it attached to your ear during “vacations” is needed. Sometimes a few calls in the morning are enough to keep your business rolling in your absence.
  2. Move around. Recruiting is one of the most sedentary of professions because of the strong emphasis on phone time. Some options to this approach include more client visits, face-to-face interviews of candidates, seminars and involvement in professional associations or maybe a cordless headset to allow us to walk around.
  3. Let’s get physical. Running, yoga, aerobics, walking, chopping wood, working in the yard or trying an activity where we actually sweat from the effort (not nerves) helps us deal with the ongoing stress and gives us more energy each day.
  4. Be different. Try to change how we do the job by writing more articles, reading more sales material, watching a training video (even for the third time) and talking to people face to face instead of by phone.
  5. Get involved. Some local association needs your help. It can be a charity, a speakers’ bureau or your local recruiters association, which can give you a new outlet for your creativity.
  6. Finally, we must care for our emotional well being through involvement in our family, community, or religion as it suits our beliefs.

Remember to reach our goals as recruiters we must be more than a “warm body” at our desks pounding the phone. Balance in our lives will allow us to focus the energy and effort our demanding profession requires.

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Alan Oaks is a recruiter with over 10 years in the insane world of IT. He can be reached at (800) 227-1167 x204 or ao@jotorok.com.


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