A little less conversation a little more action please

This Month, Jeff Allen celebrates his 25Th year writing for the Fordyce Letter. Based on the stuff he has written, a billion gazillion dollars that was earmarked as “F-ck you Mr. recruiter money” got collected. It makes you think. It makes me laugh.

You know it’s amazing the things clients will do. It’s even more amazing sometimes what a good client will do. The thing is, if you have been one of the fortunate ones (not too late) who have had access to Jeff Allen’s wisdom, sometimes the clients are even more amazed at how you go about collecting that money.

I remember once at the end of a short battle with a good client, my fees went up. It happened because they said if we give you the money, we won’t work with you anymore. I said ok. Then a senior guy calls, you get your money, and you work it out.

Nobody wants a battle and nobody wants to spend money battling. Confusion happens and you need to know if you are deserving of the fee. Not because you feel you are entitled to the fee but because you know you are entitled tp the fee. There is a difference and the thing about Jeff Allen is that he spells it all out. If you can be objective and not emotional, things over time with respect to collecting fees will work out.

Jeff Allen has written what is considered by a lot of people to be some of the best information out there on placements and the law.

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