A Little Update on the Spring Conference for the New Year

ERE2015SpringHeroI thought it’d be a good time to touch base about the spring conference in San Diego.

Here’s the latest.

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  • The early-bird pricing goes through January 9; in other words it lasts a few more days.
  • Since we first launched the agenda, we’ve added a number of speakers, including U.S. Peace Corps recruiting leader Dan Bruder, Squarespace VP of People Joris Luijke, Cisco VP of Strategic Talent Acquisition Jill Larsen, investor Chris Yeh, SAP Vice President Global Head of Sourcing & Employment Branding Matt Jeffery, and quite a few more.
  • I’m looking for one speaker for a panel on ideas for bold recruiting. This is for an in-house recruiting leader ready to discuss big ideas and changes you suggest for talent acquisition. You don’t have to have implemented them.
  • If you have any questions, give me a call: 212-671-1181, 806.
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