A Little Vendor Roundup

Here are a few of the new sites, updates, and other product-and-service vendor goings-on you may not have heard about.


A new site, called Booyango, is aimed at what the company calls the “almost 80% of the professional market where their information is hard to find online due to lack of privacy.” So it’s a job site — sorry, the company says it’s a “career network,” which is more than a job site, that will offer career planning tools and more — for people who aren’t looking for jobs and posting their resume all over kingdom come.

Employers post a job, and Booyango lets them know when there’s a match based on factors such as skills, experience, and type of work the person is interested in. Later, the match will be based on more: for example, physical appearance such as eye color, for entertainment-industry jobs.

Right now, there’s no charge during what it calls an “exclusive access period.” Later this year, it’ll cost a monthly fee, rather than per post.

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Three co-founders and a small group of Angel investors have funded Booyango (which is pretty much a random word they pulled out of nowhere, with no particular meaning, if you’re curious). It has nine employees, and is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

More Tidbits

We heard some talk of Careerify on a recent trip to Silicon Valley; it’s in the uber-popular employee referral/social media genre … for those looking for a logo in a couple of hours or a video in a couple more, PeoplePerHour, a freelance marketplace out of Europe, has launched in the U.S. … Jobscience says its new version is more social, more CRM-like … willbeHired, which we recently covered, says it is integrating agencies better as a hire source … another new referral outfit we’ve mentioned, called Zao, has made its tool more game-like, creating a “leaderboard” to show the number of people being referred, something meant to encourage a little competition between employees or departments … heard of HireStarts? It’s a pretty new social network, in beta, matching college students with employers.

John Zappe writes for ERE, and consults with digital content operations, focusing on the advertising side. Todd Raphael works on ERE's website, conferences, awards, community, and more.


3 Comments on “A Little Vendor Roundup

  1. Thanks, Todd and John. Maybe it’s my poor old brain seizing up from lack of use, but I couldn’t quite follow what the folks from Booyango meant: “almost 80% of the professional market where their information is hard to find online due to lack of privacy.” Do they mean “the almost 80% of the professional market where their information is hard to find online BECAUSE of privacy”? LACK of privacy should make things EASIER to find…. Are they referring to “Ye Olde Hidden Job Market” that people have been talking about “fer on nar 30 yeer or more”? Maybe these folks are too young to have heard of it….



  2. I agree there is lots of room for innovation in the recruiting industry. However, you have to find the right balance between automation and the human touch. Otherwise, its just a slicker version of a job board. If someone figures this out, it will be a real game changer.

  3. @ Bill: I think a combination of well thought candidate/recruiter-friendly automation and the use of $3.00/hr Virtual Candidate Care Reps would do the job nicely.


    Keith “No-Source, Through-Source, or Out-Source the Boring Stuff” Halperin

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