A Mobile App Sampler For Recruting On the Go

InstaJob appAs someone who is obsessed with mobile and how it can help recruiters and sourcers find and connect with more candidates, I ask you, why aren’t there more apps for recruiters?

If you search the app stores, you’ll find hundreds of them for finding jobs, but very few for finding candidates. I recently embarked on a search of iTunes to look for apps specifically created for recruiters. I excluded things like time and attendance apps of which there seems to be plenty, and concentrated on ones related to sourcing and candidate identification.

To my surprise I found very few, perhaps 15 or so. I tried various keyword searches using basic terms like recruiter, recruiting, HR, hiring, etc. Some of these apps are vendor specific. The links will take you directly to the app store.

  • CareerBuilder for Employers – free (you must have a CareerBuilder account)| link
  • Linkedin Recruiter – free (you must have a LinkedIn Recruiter account) | link
  • InstaJob – $2.99 – turn a picture of your business into an instant job advertisement| link
  • PeekYou – free, but charges for lookups; a not too well rated app that connects to people lookup services including arrest records — | link
  • Proven – free (you must have a Proven account) – allows San Francisco restaurants to post jobs to the Proven candidate network; search, sort and contact candidates directly from the app. (restaurant hiring) | link
  • JobDiva – free – (you must be a JobDiva client) – provides access to job postings, candidates, contacts and more for JobDiva customers; primarily for staffing recruiters | link
  • The Interviewer – free – Tools for interviewing job candidates and obtaining t information | link
  • WePow Recruiter – free (must have a WePow account) – lets WePow clients easily review candidate video responses on their iOS devices | link
  • Interview Assistant – free – Simplifies preparing, conducting, documenting, & reviewing interviews; pre-set questions or customize. | link
  • RIVS Manager – free (must have a RIVS account) – manage and screen applicants using written, phone and video interviews; streamline scheduling conference calls as well as in-person interviews | link
  • Hirevue Pro – free (must have a HireVue account) – watch prerecorded candidate interviews; collaborate with hiring team – | link
  • Talent Xray – $2.99 – sourcing app that will help identify candidates from social networking sources. It uses search engines like Bing to allow you to site search Linkedin, Twitter and G+ | link
  • SnagAJob Hiring Manager – free (must have a SnagAJob job posting) – review and contact candidates who apply to your job postings on SnagAJob| link
  • Search for People – free – poorly reviewed app to search for people on social media – | link
  • getTalent – free – works with getTalent’s enterprise-SaaS “Strategic Pipelining Platform”; use your phone to capture an image of a paper resume -| link

One of my thoughts on the lack of apps is that recruiters are a very ‘PC centric’ group who like their computers and just haven’t embraced working on mobile yet. Perhaps the lack of apps is also compounding this issue.

But to be sure, mobile recruiting is here and its real. Job seekers have already embraced it. Why are the big HR tech vendors ignoring this market? One would hope that the ATS companies and the new people search engines need to start making some of their features available thru a mobile app or at the very least make their sites mobile friendly.

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Do you have a favorite recruiting app not on this list? Leave a comment and enlighten us…

Note: I skipped the Google Play store since most apps launch first on iOS anyway. Android usually lags behind. If you are an Android user do a search on Google Play for the app names you see above.


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