A Monday Morning Acquisition and Other News

What I’m hearing, very briefly:

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  • HealthcareSource is buying Lean Human Capital. The former offers a variety of talent-management tools for the (you guessed it) healthcare field. The latter’s “Recruiter Academy” will be more integrated into the HealthcareSource offerings, giving HealthcareSource more chances to sell consulting/education. The two started partnering together a bit over a year ago.
  • The U.S. EEOC published a “diversity in high tech” report. To sum it up: “Despite rapid transformation in the field, the overwhelming dominance of white men in the industries and occupations associated with technology has remained.”
  • An interesting new tool saying Uber’s getting a lot of technical talent.
  • LaunchPad, the UK-based video company, got a lot of ink in Forbes.
  • And a new CareerBuilder tool shows job seekers how many times their resume is viewed, how often it comes up in searches, what search engine terms were used to find them, and which companies are looking at them.


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