A Montreal Company’s Adding Audio to Screening

voice coverWe’ve mentioned new uses of audio many times before, and a new company out of Canada is adding audio to the mix too.

Voice Cover has candidates record a little audio track as a sort of one-minute audio cover letter (explained a bit here), or offers employers the option of adding a recording to their application, as a screening tool to whittle down the downpour of candidates.

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The company is having local businesses, such as call centers, try it (for free) at first. It’s also looking for investors.


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  1. Applicant audio is an extremely valuable tool for assessing candidate quality. It is hardly a new resource, though. At HireFX, it has been a core offering of our recruiting tools for the past twenty years! It is excellent to see more firms in the industry realizing the value of this tremendous tool.

  2. For tech savvy TA leadership, designing and implementing internal, proprietary audio screening technology is easier than one might think. VoiceXML (VXML) is a robust, W3C standard based on XML. So if a TA department has an idea for something they’d like to automate built around audio screening, they’ll probably find it is quite doable from a technical perspective. Particularly at large companies, there are probably going to be internal folks in IT with VXML experience. There also are some great small consulting companies that focus on VXML solutions. The advantage of owning the technology isn’t just cost but also makes for greater flexibility.

    Doug Friedman

  3. Since so many job postings request “excellent oral communication skills,” this is one way to demonstrate actual competence!

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