A New Pea in the Jobcasting Pod

Jobs In Pods is a new service that brings jobs and podcasts together, and it might be an easy solution for companies looking for new ways to promote their employment brand.

The company explains that it keeps the process simple, by conducting interviews over the phone with HR staff and other employees. The company says each interview takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and participants are given an informal script to prepare.

“We do all the work,” says founder C.M. Russell. “All they have to do is pick up the phone and answer some questions. We take care of the technical stuff. This is to outsource the whole process for them.”

During each interview, Russell and his team ask companies the kinds of questions that job seekers want answers to, such as what it’s like to work there, the perks, employee growth, and the overall application process.

Each interview is recorded and published on JobsinPods.com and sent to other podcast sites including iTunes and Podcast Pickle. Employers are also given a feed of their own interviews that they can publish on their website.

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Will Jobs in Pods help employers bring their jobs to life in ways traditional job description can’t touch? According to Martin Burns, recruiting manager at ZoomInfo, “This is a natural way for us to increase our employment branding.”

For employers in general, Burns says it’s “quick and painless, and it’s much easier to convey passion about a workplace verbally as opposed to in a print job ad.”

Russell, who also operates AllCountyJobs.com, explains that he is “trying to get companies to think of recruiting as marketing. As job seekers have to make themselves stand out, employers have to do the same thing.”

The price for a single podcast is $299; purchasing 12 podcasts over the course of one year costs $2,500, says Russell.

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