A New Seat at the Table in Restaurant Recruiting

In hopes of creating more efficient hiring practices within the restaurant industry, Tablesetter.com has launched as an online community for waiters and bartenders to evaluate restaurant variables to help find the right working conditions.

This site also offers, for a small fee per restaurant, a centralized location for owners to post help-wanted ads and promotions, as well as access an individualized database of detailed resumes.

Meanwhile, the members, who post the resumes for free, are able to network to determine whether certain working conditions are right for each establishment. The hope is that both employees and management can expedite the hiring process and open up communication on the hiring front.

“The restaurant industry is a unique entity in the world of business. A majority of waiters and bartenders use their positions as financial stabilizers while pursuing other career interests,” president of Tablesetter.com Jeffrey Greenberg said in a news release.

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“On one hand, restaurant employees repeatedly feel trapped at their job – dependant on the immediate financial rewards. Employees often face emotional dilemmas when circumstances threaten their job security. A fear of starting over at a new restaurant, while working on other goals, combined with the lack of knowledge of financial opportunities elsewhere, keep employees flustered,” he said.

However, many restaurant owners are frustrated with hiring individuals who complete training but quit shortly after due to a variety of factors that could have been understood before expending time, money, and energy of the restaurant and its management.

“These ‘taboo’ subjects that go into a potential employee’s thought process (e.g., money, shifts, management behavior) are often rarely revealed until one completes training,” Greenberg added.

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