A Quick Look at the Program We’ve Developed to Understand and Deliver to Our Business

We’ve put together an internal program to be more proactive in talent acquisition at our company, Universal Music Group, and wanted to share a little video (embedded here) that explains the program.

It’s called FOCUS, which stands for fostering, orchestrating, collaborating, unifying, and strategizing. These are the components that feed into the business model. FOCUS, like I said, is designed to turn reactive recruiting efforts into proactive results. It concentrates on understanding the holistic needs of the business, identifying solutions, and delivering those solutions to enable the hiring and retention of top-notch talent.

The understanding phase initiates the process with a deep dive into the business. This can be accomplished in various ways; however, based on experience I recommend having one-on-one meetings with the leadership team followed by a collaborative session. During this session, the leadership team comes together and we move through a prioritization process. This process narrows the “focus” and highlights the goals we’d like to achieve through proactive recruiting solutions.

Once we truly understand the business and its needs, we move to identify. During the identify phase we conduct internal and external market research to provide perspective and insight on the challenges the business is facing. We obtain facts and data to correspond with the pain points, which provides direction for our solutions. Based on the information we gather through the identify phase we begin to outline potential solutions for the recruitment challenges.

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After we understand and identify, we move to deliver. We solidify the solutions through collaboration with subject matter experts and feedback from the business. Once we’ve established a mutual understanding, we provide a statement of work outlining the implementation plan. We then move to implement the solutions to deliver proactive recruiting strategies. Throughout implementation we keep a pulse on the client to ensure they are satisfied with the results, and we maintain their buy in.

We’ll get into it more in our ERE session in San Diego; check out the three-minute video below, too.

Tina Bright is the recruiting operations program manager for Universal Music Group, where she leads and supports program initiatives and improvement efforts within talent management, including but not limited to: global ATS implementation and system refinement, recruitment process improvement (recruiters and hiring managers), recruitment policies, behavioral-based training, IT assessment, and branding implementation, onboarding improvement, etc.

These efforts support the company’s goals and objectives to ensure UMG recruits and retains top talent across business entities.


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  1. Tina, this is an important article and something that recruiters/recruiting firms/teams fail in doing proactively when they start of with their recruiting mandates. THANKS for re-iterating and sharing this. Yes, FOCUS is the key. All the best with your initiatives and it helped me refresh as well. Getting into detail is the key:)

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