A Ranking of the World’s Human Capital

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.45.10 PMThose readers tired of hearing about the U.S. government shutdown can peruse this 500+ page PDF. It’s a new ranking of countries around the world, in a “human capital index” order.

The list comes courtesy of Mercer and the World Economic Forum, based in Switzerland — a country ranked No. 1. The U.S. is 16th.

The criteria includes such things as businesses’ ability to attract and retain talent; the physical and mental well being of the population; education levels; the legal system; and the ease of doing business.

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The document first ranks countries, and then profiles each nation one by one.


1 Comment on “A Ranking of the World’s Human Capital

  1. Thanks, Todd.
    We’re Number16! We’re number 16! Take THAT, Luxemburg!
    Number 43 in H healthcare? Take THAT, Qatar!
    *IMSM, the top 15 all have more equitable income distribution, probably more social mobility, universal health insurance, and much-lower university charges than the USA does, but we have the Tea Party keeping us free from such evil things, so THERE, you degenerate foreigners!



    *Feel free to research and correct me if I’m wrong, Folks.

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