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FriendFeed is a social networking community of roughly 75,000 people currently. FriendFeed is technically a microblog, in the same space as Twitter, but with more options.

Per its site, FriendFeed “offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.” I have been using the site for the past few months; it’s a new craze among the technically savvy and Web 2.0 crowd. If you are looking for a way to connect with passive technical talent and the young Gen-Y crowd, this is a site you want to invest some time on.

With FriendFeed, users setup a free account and customize a “feed” of content they share from other sites online. Everything then funnels into FriendFeed for people to see. The content shared can be from sites you have accounts with and use already to include news, bookmarking, status, video, photos, blogging, music, and more. These sites can include Twitter, YouTube, Digg, LinkedIn, Google, Blogs, and up to 30+ others. My feed allows others to see status updates and comments I posted out on Twitter, in addition to updates to my LinkedIn profile and articles and posts from several blogs. If you don’t use a lot of sites for sharing content, you can simply post and share anything directly on FriendFeed. It’s dead simple to use.

Users of FriendFeed have the option to subscribe to “feeds” of other users and in turn they can discover yours. When a user shares something in one of their feeds, they are telling the rest of the site and users who subscribe to them what they are doing currently, what they are interested in, and what they want to talk about.

What makes FriendFeed stand out is that it is a very interactive community. Anyone can jump in and make a comment on a post at any time, and watch as these comments build up into full-fledged conversations quickly. See the example below:

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FriendFeed also has rooms, which is a “mini FriendFeed” for a subject or group of people. Think of these rooms as groups out on Yahoo or Google. I am currently subscribed to “Web 2.0 Jobs” and “Sourcing and Recruiting.” These two rooms specifically share posts about open positions, people looking for employment, and users swapping sourcing and recruiting tips.

The site opens up a lot of possibilities for recruiters and sourcers, namely networking and making new connections, free advertising of open positions looking to be filled, in addition to staying on top of the latest trends online. Reading other feeds on the site can open many doors to new technologies and trends to pursue.

Geoff Peterson is the Managing Principal for General Lead, a national provider of talent delivery, advanced sourcing services, and custom recruitment training. He has over ten years' full life-cycle recruiting, Internet sourcing, and research experience nationwide, having fulfilled successful engagements with small organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike. Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table including Technical Recruiting, Executive Recruiting, Internet Sourcing, Name Generation, Competitive Intelligence, Internet Research, Job Search Strategy and Recruitment Marketing.


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