Adicio Launches Southeast Job Network

A new service was launched this week that might benefit recruiters who prefer to look regionally, rather than in one specific market, to find enough qualified candidates.

Classified advertising software company Adicio’s newly formed regional network is an alliance of 18 participating job sites throughout the southeastern United States.

Covering 11 states, the jobs in the Adicio network will be posted on a local site first, with the ability to “upsell” those listings into the regional database at a suggested retail price of $150 each.

Tony Lee, Adicio’s chief alliance officer, explains the service as a “cost-effective way for employers to extend their reach throughout the Southeast while also gaining exposure into a wide range of key local markets.”

Adicio also offers a Southwest Regional Network, which includes 11 sites in five states.

Finding a Niche

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Adicio announced its new plans the same day that data was released highlighting a threat between the broad-based online job boards and their newspaper partners.

According to the Wall Street Journal, niche boards like and saw a 34% and 36% spike in traffic in August, respectively.

In comparison, August data shows that CareerBuilder’s unique visitors dropped 2% to 20.2 million.

Eric Yoon, chief executive of JobThread, told the WSJ that “advertisers are increasingly looking for more-targeted audiences and better-reach sites where they can find candidates that are more qualified.”

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