AESC: Positive Q2 Economic Indicators

Encouraging signs? Consider a mere 4% Q2 drop compared to a 26% decline from Q4 ’08 to Q1 ’09, according to the latest Association of Executive Search Consultants report.

The AESC says senior executive searches in the technology and financial sectors, which both saw quarterly declines in Q1 2009, rose 4% in quarter two. Similarly, the consumer goods sector witnessed a 1% increase from first-quarter levels.

AESC President Peter Felix notes that second-quarter figures “confirm that the first six months of this year have been a serious setback for the search industry,” but there has been a leveling-off in declines and even a slight increase in the number of searches started.

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“This quarterly stabilization indicates that organizations are beginning to pull back from the hiring freeze that shaped the early part of this recession as senior management gear up for economic recovery,” says Felix.

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