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Ask a child to define engineer and chances are you’ll get a response that includes the word train. But adults know better, right? Engineer is actually a broad term that covers many different kinds of positions in various fields of specialization. Therefore, sometimes in order to locate your ideal candidate, you may want to search sites specific to the industry for which you’re recruiting. Fortunately, however, there are also a few general engineering sites that can help put you on the right track. First Stop Engineering Central is an employment site with eight positions categories: “Chemical engineer jobs,” “Civil engineer jobs” “Electrical engineering jobs,” “Industrial engineering jobs,” “Manufacturing engineer jobs,” “Mechanical engineering jobs,” “Other engineering jobs,” and “Computer/IT jobs.” A job seeker can explore available jobs in a particular area by selecting “Job Bank” at the homepage, and then the appropriate category. Each position listed leads to a detailed description, which also includes application instructions. From the homepage, the category “Entry Level Job Bank” can also be chosen. It simply leads to a list of entry-level engineering positions, which can also be accessed on an individual basis. If a candidate wishes to search using keywords, this option is also available. Choosing “Search Job Ads” leads to a page where there is a search box, along with detailed instructions regarding its use. Job seekers can post resumes at Engineering Central. Employers posting jobs at the site have free access to the resume database. Job advertisements can be purchased on an individual basis or in bulk. Rates vary according to quantity purchased. At a site that’s well-organized and service-oriented, Engineering Central provides traffic statistics, as well as current figures regarding the number of resumes in its database. There is also a lengthy list of “Engineering Links.” Here you’ll find general resources, as well as sites pertaining to individual areas of specialization. “Resources for Chemical Engineers” and “Resources for Environmental Engineers” are just two categories where you can find other sites to visit in your search for candidates. A Number of Different Routes has several features you may want to utilize when looking for engineers. The site has an “Engineering Jobs Database” where recruiters and employers can link job pages for free. Information in the database can be referenced by choosing from one of six alphabetical categories. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> The site has a resume database, which can also be accessed at no charge. From the homepage, select “Resumes.” This leads to a page where you can choose from a list of 20 categories which include “Aeronautics,” “Hydraulic,” and “Petroleum,” as well as some of the more typical engineering areas. Selecting a category returns a list of all candidates in the database who have experience in that particular field. Each candidate’s name is followed by a brief summary of qualifications and also includes a link to a pop-up email window. However, while there are links to resumes for some candidates, for many there are simply brief summary statements. provides links to “Engineering Societies and Organizations.” The list includes some very targeted groups such as the “American Society of Agricultural Engineers” and the “Institute of Biological Engineering.” For many of these organizations, links to job pages are also provided. If you’re recruiting for an engineer in a field that seems highly specialized and you have no clue where to look, this section of the site may be able to point you toward some candidates. Now Nationwide began as an engineer employment site for the Great Lakes area, but has recently expanded to include the entire United States. A job seeker visiting the site’s homepage can either browse jobs by state, or select “Search Jobs,” which leads to a page where keywords can be entered and several filters are available. Once an applicable list of postings is returned using either of these search methods, a candidate can then select a particular job to obtain details about the position along with contact information. Job seekers can also elect to receive job notification via email. In addition, they can post resumes at the site. Employers signing up for one of several job-posting packages have free access to the resume database. There is also a “Resume Database Access” option, which is independent of the job posting service. For a flat fee, this function can be utilized for 60 days. invites new advertisers to sample the site at no cost. Details can be found under “Ad Rates.” Moving Along Although focused on engineering professionals, the site offers employment for a wide array of occupational areas. Recent job listings included civil engineers, mechanical engineers, radio frequency (RF) engineers, and software engineers, among others. Like Engineering Central, posts traffic statistics at the site. The next time your search for an engineer needs a little steam, why not visit these sites? With a variety of options and opportunities to find candidates, you may be able to toot your own horn as you fill that open position.

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