AltaVista – ?Smart is Beautiful?

?Smart is Beautiful? became AltaVista?s new slogan following its most recent facelift, and it?s a safe bet that relying on this tried-and-true search engine will indeed prove a smart choice for seeking talent. Although AltaVista now looks a little different, the changes are essentially only skin deep. The site maintains all the essential features and the old favorites that make it such a powerful tool. ?My AltaVista? became ?AltaVista Live,? ?Channels? became ?Get Inside,? and AltaVista?s name changed from ?AltaVista Connections? to ?AltaVista Search.? This final switch no doubt reflects AltaVista?s primary strength — a powerful search engine that offers a vast array of search options. And, if ?variety is the spice of life,? it is also the means of seasoning a search and enhancing its possibilities. AltaVista offers a Simple Search and Advanced Search option, giving you the choice to query among the Web, news, and discussion groups. The new Advanced Search page appropriately gives the large Boolean query box prominence at the top of the page. Below it there is a smaller sort box and options to choose a language, narrow the results to one page per Web site, and select a date range. AltaVista also offers an ?Advanced Search Cheat Sheet? which is printable as ?an easy reference guide.? A quick glance at this ?Cheat Sheet? gives you an idea of the number of options available to refine your search. As we’ve seen in the past, AltaVista allows you to search within a specified domain. Typing domain:edu in the Boolean query box, for example, yields results from just educational sites, such as college servers, putting you in touch with fresh talent. You might also use the domain command to narrow a search to a specific company– or even a specific country, such as domain:uk to limit your search to servers in the United Kingdom. This can be a great aid when conducting international searches. These, of course, are just a few examples of AltaVista?s broad search potential. Check out the functions for searching by title or consider how specifying a date range might come in handy for finding the newest leads. Top all this promise off with the fact that AltaVista ranks among the top three search engines in database size and you have a powerful recruiting tool — one that is certainly smart with the potential to yield ?beautiful? results when searching for job candidates.

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