Altran Broadcasting Live Next Week in Search of Employees

the studio
the studio

Altran, a global company that’s based in Paris, is putting on what it calls a “TV show for international recruitment … the first live corporate program dedicated to recruitment and engineer career opportunities.”

Altran has about 20,000 employees in about 20 countries, doing consulting in the engineering field. It’s hoping to hire more than 4,000 engineers worldwide this year, a bit more than half of those in France.

So, it created its own TV studio and production team, and will broadcast this “TV show” for about an hour March 28. During the event, job candidates can ask a panel of experts from human resources and from business lines what jobs at the company are like. (Fake names are allowed to protect candidate’s identities.)

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There’ll also be an “Altran World News” report to talk about such projects as a solar plane; an “ask-the-boss” segment with candidates querying the CEO; and a segment with advice from the firm’s social media manager.

The company is using its Facebook pages to play up the show, which will be appropriately called Career.


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