American Idol Meets Career Fair This Month in New Orleans

It’s not often that a hiring process is described as “exhilarating” — a mystery with no clues is how candidates are more apt to feel about most such processes — but exhilarating is how one company is describing its selection for a healthcare technology trainer.

The crux of this “Big Break” as it’s called is a reality-TV-style day of speed interviews, a videotaped Q&A session, and a presentation. It starts with an online application to become part of this process, which is a partnership between the non-profit Ochsner Health System and an agency called Intellect Resources, which has been tweeting about this. Candidates “advance or face elimination” based on their “professionalism, presentation skills, communication skills, poise, attitude, teamwork and ability to think on their feet.”

The winner (winners, actually — 200 of them) will be a $20-25/hour trainer, teaching people the use of an electronic medical records system for at least a five-month contract.

“American Idol merged with a career fair,” is how this is all described on a recruiting video.

The online application is open through January 19, with the big audition day held on the 21st at the International House Hotel in New Orleans, and the job starting February 6.

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This isn’t a Sunglass-Hut-style lavish affair; in other words, travel expenses aren’t paid, so Ochsner prefers locals.

“NO HEALTHCARE IT EXPERIENCE REQUIRED,” a Facebook page emphasizes. The same is said below by Chad Jones, an Ochsner executive.


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