Amex Recruiting on Facebook

American Express has launched a careers page on Facebook, one new enough it only has 114 “likes” so far.

Much of it’s pretty standard stuff, directing you elsewhere: LinkedIn, or the Amex jobs listings, for example.

One less-common part of the page: American Express asks candidates, “What’s your passion? What will your life’s work be? What do you want to accomplish?” You fill in the answer, and your name, and your response will appear on your Facebook page — offering a little plug for Amex careers.

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Meanwhile, since its October 2010 launch, Amex’s LinkedIn profile has added 61,677 followers and gets 8,000 unique visitors monthly.


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  1. More and more companies like General Motors and UPS realize that relying on one type of social networking sites to recruit talent is not enough. Each type of media has its own perks and flaws.

    LinkedIn is mainly professional but passive job seekers may not have the incentive to log on to their LinkedIn account frequently.

    Facebook has the biggest human networking data base in the world and its members frequently update and logon to their profiles. However, Facebook privacy settings have been a concern.

    Twitter is simply and public, yet it’s 140 character limit can be a pain sometimes.

    Google+ is the new player in the game with the fewest members. Yet, it does bring into some cool features for recruitment like hangout.

    I think it’s important for both recruiters and job seekers to be open-minded about what medium they choose to interact. I used to not have an LinkedIn account because I thought it was a place for people with established careers only. Now, I have an account on the four most popular networking site because I believe that the more people I am able to reach, the more opportunities I will have (hopefully). To learn more about perks and flaws and most importantly tips on recruitment on different social media, check out this webinar

  2. Is it possible that since you posted this they’ve gone from 114 likes to 2,284,219? It’s good to be Amex.

    I applaud them for doing a great job with their employer branding, and providing a premier user navigation experience. The integration with their job opportunities and other social assets like LinkedIn is first-class, and therefore on-brand. Great job American Express.

  3. No, I don’t think so, Jody – I think that’s the American Express main page “likes.” The 114, now 120 as of 2:43 Pacific on Friday the 11th, that refers solely to the careers page.

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