An Awfully Nerdy New Career Site

An eye-catching career site asks site users to “help our nerd drive 100 programmers to their rightful home.”

The Nerdery (yes, that’s the name of the Minnesota IT firm) has instructions for finding nerds (“Overhear a large group debating Star Trek vs Star Wars? Goldmine — send them all our way”) and a prominently displayed countdown of how many nerds have been hired to date.

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Refer someone to the Nerdery and you may be eligible for a pocket protector. Plus, $100 if the candidate interviews, and $400 more if they’re hired. More here.


3 Comments on “An Awfully Nerdy New Career Site

  1. Offering referral rewards for hires (and interviews!) is a great idea – and from our experience, it works really well. The Nerdery has executed really great design, but the signup process is very cumbersome and sharing options fairly limited to generic wall posts rather than matching the job requirements to the people the job gets shared with.

    I don’t know how I can do this without plugging our product, so please forgive me… but if you want more information about adding fully optimized referral rewards to your career site and referral program, both for employees and for your trusted network – check out Zao (

  2. I’m from the midwest and I have to give them a bump for their creativity. I love anything to make the working world less stiff! Logan Branjord – Founder FreelanceAnything. com

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