And Now a Talent Community the Talent Has to Pay for

“Join our talent community” are the four words gracing many career-related websites. Now, one community is saying, you also will be paying $1,300 a year.

John Gannon, CEO and founder of BEMAVEN, started this, and he says he has paying customers already. Rather than a public site, right now he just has a page where he’s collecting email addresses.

Gannon wrote a book about the “road to a venture capital career.” Venture capital is indeed the focus of his paid membership group, called GoingVC and designed to help people get VC jobs.

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He says the network will help people get access to fellow job seekers and job opportunities, particularly those that are off the radar. “I get a lot of first looks,” Gannon writes in a blog post.

He’ll also be hosting private workshops and Google Hangouts with VCs, as well as a private Slack group.


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