Ann Troxell: Recruiting Ad Budgets Aren’t Budging

Companies are getting “very comfortable” with the idea that they don’t need to spend a lot of recruiting dollars, says Bayard’s Ann Troxell, in the video below.

Troxell says this comfort stems from the “frightening” belief among senior management that turnover will stay low.

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  1. Ann Hi
    I was wondering about some of the comments you made on your video feed…
    You mentioned that 55% of people said they planned on leaving their present positions, in 2010? Where was that number drawn from? Did they say where they were going? The reason I am asking (and I hope you are right) is that based on discussions we have havd , there is not goin to be anywhere near he amount of hiring to absorb that type of influx to the employment market .
    Please reply , I would appreciate it

    Eric Brooks, CPA/MBA
    Sr. Managing Partner
    Edward Lewis Group
    executive recruiters and consultants
    (212) 689-0900

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