Apps Make Life Easier For Recruiters And Seekers

Two apps to tell you about today. One will get your job openings from your company website to your Facebook page in a snap and the other will get your jobs before on-the-go candidates.

LinkupThe Facebook app comes from LinkUp, one of the second-tier job search engines. It’s owned by JobDig, which operates a traditional pay-to-post job board and an inexpensive on-demand ATS called JobDig Tracker.

If your company career site is one of the 22,000 indexed by LinkUp, then installing “Current Jobs at Our Company” will automatically update your company’s job listings on Facebook every day. The first five jobs are free. Any more than that and you’ll have to pay $39 a month.

In either case, LinkUp must be indexing your career site. Check LinkUp to see if that’s happening and if you don’t find them there, then you have to contact the company.

As much of a time saver as this app can be, if you don’t work your Facebook presence then it really won’t make a difference. Simply posting jobs to a friendless Facebook site is a waste.

JobDig CEO and president Toby Dayton makes that point himself in a blog posting that praises Hyatt Hotels for its community-building efforts. Now it happens that Hyatt has installed the Current Jobs at Our Company app and, presumably, is paying JobDig $39 a month for the more than five jobs capability.

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But Dayton is right about the personal effort Hyatt is making. Take a look at the comments on the Wall and you can see there’s a thinking person behind the company’s comments. As he put it in his blog post, “there is a real dialogue going on between job seekers and people within Hyatt.”

Now, there are plenty of jobs apps available for Facebook. There are apps for users interested in security jobs, and apps from CareerBuilder for jobs of almost every type, and Indeed, which has a new mobile app we’ll get to in a moment, has an app to find jobs where your friends work. But as far as I can tell, LinkUp is the only app developed specifically for recruiters. And no, I’m not forgetting the Jobvite or apps. They are aimed at getting referrals by leveraging their employees’ Facebook relationships. Plus they cost a boatload.

Indeed Mobile SearchIndeed, which never seems to sleep, has the #1 most popular free business app for the iPhone and iPod. And, to give credit, where credit is due, CareerBuilder is #5 on the list.

While everybody always wishes for some feature more than the product has, Indeed’s app is rated a bit higher than CareerBuilder’s. Of course, CB released its app 14 months ago, pioneering, if you will, mobile search in the U.S. Indeed released its iPhone search in March, including some features CareerBuilder’s reviewers wanted.

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  1. Great list! Would like to add huge time saver, Let’s you connect people from all your networks. (Linkedin, facebook, twitter, gmail, phone contacts)

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