Arbita, Boxwood Partner

Arbita and Boxwood Technology say they are teaming up to improve access to niche communities and networks. This partnership, they say, is intended to improve the ways in which members of trade associations and professional societies interact and connect with employers.

“A network of interconnected associations creates a virtuous circle,” says Don Ramer, Arbita’s CEO. “Association members see more opportunities aligned with their skills.”

Put another way, this means that Boxwood’s clients will have an opportunity to promote their brand and gain exposure through Arbita’s job distribution network.

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This partnership also means that Arbita’s clients will be able to take advantage of Boxwood’s niche networks such as the Marketing Career Network and the Engineering and Science Career Network.

In May 2008, Arbita joined forces with Shally Steckerl’s sourcing powerhouse JobMachine. At the time, Steckerl explained that a strategic recruiting program needs to encompass both passive and active candidates.

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