Are Recruiting Firms A Bad Idea?

Kiala Kazebee

In a recent post written by Neil Patel for Quicksprout, he states, “In most cases recruiting firms don’t have the best candidates. Why you may ask? It’s because talented people don’t need recruiters to help them find a job.”

That’s a pretty loaded statement.

Patel then goes on to say,

If someone is really good at what they do, they’ll constantly be bombarded with job offers.

Recruiting firms are not the temp agencies of yore. Patel needs to update his information.

I’m not sure what economy Patel is working in but it’s certainly not the one we’re living through now. No one is “bombarded” with job offers nowadays, and the future is uncertain for everyone. To say differently smacks of a concerning lack of empathy. Perhaps Patel was only being careless with his words or deliberately provocative for page views.

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Who knows. Either way he’s wrong.

Recruiting firms (the good ones — do I even need to say that?) not only separate the wheat from the chaff but they support a candidate throughout their career with the staffing firm. This creates a symbiotic relationship between candidates and client. I recognize this isn’t true for all staffing companies just as everything isn’t true about everything (Starbucks isn’t Stumptown, the W isn’t Travelodge, etcetera) but when you make a blanket statement you set yourself up for some criticism.

What do you think? Is Patel right? Do qualified candidates have jobs shoved in their face like samples at a food court mall? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Comments on “Are Recruiting Firms A Bad Idea?

  1. recruiters are sales people who do not think outside the box, and are not compassionate and do not recognize talent, as they do not work in the industry they recruit for. there are 2 rules they go by:
    1. they only put forward for permanent jobs people who are currently employed, to secure their commissions. It looks better on the CV.
    2. from the day you are jobless, they only offer you temp. jobs, which do not fit your skills, but paradoxically, there, they do not mind!!
    That’s how they classify people, the successful are employed, the unsuccessfull are unemployed, and will keep being unsuccessfull as they will only being offered temp. jobs, and here is how starts the vicious and never ending circle of temping, and career destroying!
    I found my last 3 jobs through networking and by sending my CV directly to hiring managers and HR (they are not sales people, they look for people who are performant and who are going to fit in the team so interpersonal skills are also very important and enthusiasm too), and I got 2 perm. contracts and 1 fixed term contract while maintaining even increasing my salary.
    If I had listened to agents, I would have been temping, at jobs below my skills, and not matching them, basically dead-end jobs, and lost 30 percent of my salary! (oh yes from the day your jobless you are also not worth any money anymore!) what great piece of advice, bringing people down morally, offering them crap jobs and instability and loss of financial safety.
    Yes, to their eyes to the day you have lost your job you are not worth permanent contracts anymore and not of any value! being laid off, made redundant, is not a crime! I am a honest citizen and seeing those sales people treating me that way made me sick! I hope you never lose your job and face one of your great peers only telling you you are worth nothing now! and trying to sell you like a good for nothing but a life of unstable employment and career detroying!
    I know some companies, even big ones are aware of that, and they actually since the crisis try to avoid recruiters, there commissions can be high, I work in financial services so I know it, and I worked at one major bank where HR always told us, if you know anyone good looking for a job, please give us their CV, we prefer to give a referral reward to one of our employees than giving a commission to some recruiter! what a great idea! If wish more companies would just hire more HR people doing the recruitment themselves!! at least they are in the company and they are selecting according to the company’s culture and most importantly there are no sales people they are human ressources!! they check interpersonal skills etc on top of technical ones!!

    1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience using a staffing agency but not all are created the same. Your poor view of staffing may come from the fact that you are over-qualified for many of the jobs that “most” staffing agencies are out there filling. You appear to need a technical staffing agency that fills higher-end jobs that are more skilled and are of the permanent variety. I suggest that you understand the business before you slam it.

  2. Utilizing the service of a recruiting firm is not a bad idea.Recruiting firms take all steps to provide the best candidates to the client by utilizing the best job portal like for candidates in oil and gas and energy sectors.

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