Are You Really Using Resume Databases?

I recently met with a prospective client about Internet Sourcing. She is in charge of the sourcing function for all of the recruiters at her company. Her role is to make sure that all of her recruiters have all the tools necessary to successfully source candidates. She told me that they had recently subscribed to a resume database and purchased 23 user licenses so that all of the recruiters in her office could have access. After thirty days had passed she went back and did an analysis of how this database was being used by her recruiters. To her dismay only 3 out of the 23 recruiters had sourced candidates from this site! This may surprise many of you, but it is more common than you think! As the Internet grows, so does the number of resume databases. Companies are constantly struggling with the decisions to subscribe (or not) to new sites to assist them in their sourcing efforts. But the big question that comes to mind is: even if the source looks effective, do you have time to effectively use it? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself, “How many reqs am I working on at one time?” We have determined that it takes about 12 hours to effectively source for a single position. If you are working on 25 or more reqs at any given time, then you probably don’t have time to effectively source multiple sites. This is a Catch-22, because many recruiters feel that the more places they have access to, the better their odds of finding the best candidates. This can be true if you have to time to effectively source these databases. If time is an issue, however?which for most recruiters, it is?then more is not always better. In a recruiter’s hectic day, it is difficult enough to effectively source for one position on one site. But imagine trying to do that for 10 positions on 10 different sites! That is the challenge that many recruiters face on a daily basis. You probably are asking yourself, how can I effectively manage this process? There is no quick and easy answer to this question. Each recruiter works differently, so you really need to evaluate how you work most effectively. Is it by sourcing or posting? In my opinion, sourcing is by far more effective than posting jobs. When you post jobs, it is like fishing, you are waiting for a nibble on your line. Some candidates are like a prized Marlin and others are like the common mackerel. But when you are actively sourcing you can pick out those top candidates and throw back the ones that don’t match your position description. Of course, sourcing may be more effective, but it is also much more time consuming! When deciding on what databases to subscribe to, you really need to analyze your needs. Focus in on sites that meet your hiring needs and be realistic on how much time you can dedicate to sourcing these sites. Make sure you look at the search function of each site to ensure that they have an effective interface to source candidates. Once you have reviewed a number of sites and decide which ones you like most, then what you really need to look at is cost. Cost is becoming more and more of an issue, so you need to find the critical balance between the cost of the site and the time you have to source this site. It is important to learn from others?like the example in my opening paragraph?so you don’t get caught in the trap of spending a lot of money and getting poor results. Be realistic and smart when making these costly decisions. If you do your homework and are realistic on the amount of time you have to dedicate to sourcing, your results will be that much better for it!

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Scott Hagen ( is a graduate of San Diego State University, with over 8 years of high tech corporate recruiting experience with industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Cymer, and Pyxis. Scott is also a co-designer of the Recruiters-Aid PERS (Proprietary E-Recruitment System). Recruiters-Aid provides Internet candidate sourcing and screening services, and guarantees results-or the clients do not pay. Recruiters-Aid manages one of the largest free recruiting resource sites ( online. Recruiters-Aid services were created specifically for recruiters who don't have time to source the Internet themselves.


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