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Q. I’m tired of hearing about the great job market. I’m finding it a very competitive and difficult market! Can you share some of the sales tactics you would suggest when competition is fierce? The sales and profits of my firm are declining – so I need your best advice! I’m trying to keep a positive attitude, but I just increased my line of credit with my bank and I don’t know how to turn this around.
“Negative Nick” Omaha, NB

A. It is important that we start with your own attitude adjustment. Failure can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. You know you can turn this around; you just need to STOP DOING what is NOT making you money and replace it with new sales tactics.

How can you differentiate yourself and your company from the competition? The FIRST KEY DIFFERENTIATOR IS YOU – the salesperson. It is important that you differentiate yourself from your competition.

The reality is that there is NO DIFFERENCE between you and the competition unless your clients and candidates PERCEIVE a difference. That perception is based 80% on the sales-person’s performance and attitude.


1. Be more prepared.
2. Ask better questions.
3. Become the BEST LISTENER in their life.
4. Provide more PERCEIVED VALUE.
5. Be committed to providing RESULTS.


1. Commit to sales training throughout your career.

2. Develop your elevator speech: “I help _________, who__________, so they can ________________.”

3. Realize that recruiting is sales.
a. Write down specific goals.
b. Know your ratios.
c. Commit to daily RESULTS.
d. Tie your goal into the “WIIFM.”

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4. Learn and master the PLACEMENT PROCESS. All big billers have “mastered” a repeatable system.

5. Plan daily.

6. Set all appointments at ODD TIMES!

7. Every third contact is a conversation. You don’t want to communicate only by email.

Use any of these tactics and tips, and you will succeed and increase your production and profits in this very competitive market!

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