Ask Barb: SWOT and Gap Analysis Tools

Dear Barb:

My friend participated in your Executive Retreat and said you had them fill out a Gap Analysis and a SWOT sheet.  I’ve been in business for over twenty years and have never heard of either of these forms.  Are you willing to share these with people who did not attend your Retreat?

He said they really got him to think about the changes and actions he’s going to take to grow his business in 2011, which is also my intent.  Thanks in advance.

John S., Colorado Springs, CO Dear John:

It is important that you determine what you plan to achieve in 2011 as early as possible.  The Gap Analysis is a great tool to review your current reality as it relates to specifically what you are trying to achieve in 2011. The SWOT sheet lists your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats which also must be reviewed in order for you to compile your revenue generating strategies for this year.

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I would be glad to share these two forms with you, please just email my office at  We also offer the recorded version of the Virtual Executive Retreat at a reduced price – call our office and ask for Beth 219.663.9609.  If you fill out these two forms, it will help you strategize the growth of your company in 2011.

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