Ask Barb: Training and Advice — Who To Listen To?

Dear Barb:

I read The Fordyce Letter every month and it sometimes gets confusing. All of you speakers don’t agree on how to do this job, so whom do I listen to? I hear you saying to develop client and candidate rapport vs. control while others say you have to establish control. I work for a company that does not provide training so I’m trying to learn all I can on my own. Where do I find the advice and training I need?

Joe M., Tucson, AZ

Dear Joe:

It’s hard to be objective with this question because of course I believe in my training. You need to obtain all the free training that is offered to help you and then pick one idea each month to implement. There are many different ways to become successful in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession. You will find techniques that feel right for you and then you will add your personality. It’s important to develop a strong thirty-second pitch that quickly shows your targets why they should utilize you as opposed to your competition.

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Observe the individuals in your office who are the most successful. What can you learn from them? Try to mirror the orders they are filling because there will be candidates in your database.

Also seek out sales, negotiating, legal, and technology training so you can become proficient at this profession. Often the best way to learn is by doing. You will eventually develop a repeatable system that will result in consistent production.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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3 Comments on “Ask Barb: Training and Advice — Who To Listen To?

  1. Take control – that is your role in the process. Everyone that I have ever met that says “recruiters should not be hung up on control” has a twisted idea of the concept. Don’t be afraid of controlling the process. If you over due it your client will let you know. In my opinion the line for crossing the control line is farther out there than most people think it is. My clients expect me to control searches.

  2. Maybe I don’t understand your question, but I feel like you can develop rapport and control at the same time.. In fact I would say the stronger rapport you have, the more trust you will have developed with your candidate/client, and the more they will act upon what you suggest, as they trust you. The reverse can be true as well. If you are really good at defining things, like how the process will be going forward, what are your expectations, what you need them to do, then they will know what to expect, and feel like you are both professional and knowledgeable. So I really do think they can go hand in hand.

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