Attracting Good Recruiters Keeps Firm Owners Up at Night has been running an ongoing survey since January 2008 that asks “What are two or three things that keep you up at night as a recruiting firm owner?”

Of the over 500 responses so far, finding, attracting, and onboarding successful recruiters is the overwhelming thing causing recruiting firm owners sleepless nights as it was mentioned by over 64% of the respondents. A distant second was managing cash flow by 43% of respondents.

Probably not a huge surprise, but with over 500 responses,’s findings validate beyond a shadow of a doubt recruiting firm owners biggest headache.

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There are six deadly mistakes search firm owners make in this process. Each is tied to the other and if one ‘link’ in the chain is broken, the whole chain breaks:

  • Owners are not clear on “why” they are hiring.
  • Owners have weak finding and attracting “systems” for new talent.
  • Owners do not have a defined interview process.
  • Owners do not have a defined onboarding system.
  • Owners have an “owners” mentality for new hire motivation.
  • Owners have poor follow-up systems for new hires.

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