Iris Libby, managing principal, Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants, Corp., brings an unparalleled mix of in-house recruitment, executive search, research, direct consumer sales and strategic corporate marketing to her human resource knowledge base. Iris has first-hand knowledge of the skills it takes to be successful in identifying and assessing talent from her experience at, Global Business Research, Ltd., and the firm that now bears her name. While at Amazon, Iris managed Strike Team Recruitment. She was part of the team that helped build a strong talent foundation for Amazon during its infancy as well as the height of its growth, which led it into becoming one of the most unusual success stories in U.S. history. Currently Iris Libby Recruitment Consultants—known to be a client-driven agency alternative in terms of cost effectiveness, its delivery of highly qualified candidates and Iris's innovative search strategies—reports one of the highest placement rates in the recruitment industry. ILRC has recruited and placed executives for Research in Motion, Coca Cola Enterprises,, Edwards LifeSciences, RackSpace Hosting, Starbucks, Baker Hughes, Life Technologies and Wells Fargo, among others. Iris attended Pratt Institute and New York University and sits on the Board of Directors of SweetBliss, a NYC gourmet chocolate company supplying Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman-Marcus and other luxury retailers.

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