The Fordyce Forum

Is everyone getting ready to go back to school in Vegas this June? Pack those bags. Call your travel agent, tell whoever you need to tell that June 4-6, … Read more

Hawkinson’s Homilies

Paul Hawkinson has been doing this for a long time. He has a way with words and a way with ideas. I have never met him personally but I am hoping to in Las … Read more

Splits and including HR

I was having an interesting conversation with a recruiter in Dallas last week about including HR instead trying to avoid it like the plague when working a … Read more


I understand why companies want them. They pay a lot of money for something and they want to know that on some level, you the provider of the product … Read more

Viva Las Vegas

I’m in Las Vegas right now and I love this town. I’m doing quite well at the tables and my friend Dave Mendoza and I had an amazing dinner at Prime in … Read more

10 to read this weekend

Most Emailed Articles Why Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge $1 Million Time Management Three Questions For Every New Client Consistent Marketing … Read more

Taking Inventory

There is certainly something to be said for the sometimes-stubborn belief that there is only one way to be a successful recruiter. You may disagree, but I … Read more

Read The Press Releases

How many recruiters every morning wake up and read the press releases for the industry they work in? You should, because the guys being quoted in those … Read more

the day after Valentines Day

As you can probably tell already I am a big believer in having a blog that is targeted to your industry. I always say that it will make placements for you. … Read more

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