Recruiter Retention

In the past year Next Level Recruiting Training did workshops in the Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain and the good ole USA. While the languages, … Read more

Human Capital Selling

My insights this month will be very brief due to the long “top producer tip from the trenches,” which centers on the application of sales … Read more

Life On The Hamster Wheel

How many recruiters do you know who have been in the business for 10, 15, or 20+ years? My guess is probably not many. Why does such longevity exist among … Read more

Next Level

THE EVOLVING WORLD OF RECRUITING Search, recruiting, human capital management, staffing, talent acquisition, headhunting, and even flesh peddling are all … Read more

Next Level

First, thank you all for your overwhelmingly positive emails. As promised, every article will open with a topic related to enhancing the skills necessary … Read more

Welcome to the Next Level

Hello, I am Jeff Kaye, the CEO of Kaye/Bassman International and, recently formed, Next Level Recruiting Training. It is a true honor to write the first of … Read more

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