Awaiting Google

If you’re visiting the website via Firefox or Google, you might have received a warning about our website being infected by “malware.” In fact, we were infected with a malware virus early Tuesday morning, which we promptly detected and removed.

Unfortunately, it appears to be taking Google and Firefox a long time to update their records and clear our website from the flagged list. We have requested a review of our website and are currently awaiting a response back. Apparently the process can take up to a day, so we’re hopeful the warning messages will have disappeared by Wednesday morning.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and confusion this has caused some of our readers. We’re hoping we can find a way to work with Google to eliminate this kind of disruption to our users in the future.

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Update: Probably ten minutes after I posted this note, Google cleared the warnings and everything is running smooth. Again, sorry for any confusion or concern this caused anyone.


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