Recruiting Award Applications: Take an Extra Week

Looks like 69 people have started or completed applications for the ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards, roughly double from this time last year.

We’re shaking things up this year to make this more of a community process. There are way more judges. And some tweaks to the categories and the rules, with the upshot being it’s way easier to apply and way cheaper (free).

The company names that are applying already are great (from India to Taiwan, from restaurants to credit unions). But this award is the industry’s standard-bearer and if you’re the best of the best, you should be applying. We want to make sure the most cutting-edge recruiting programs are considered, and the best of those are honored.

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It’s OK to take an extra week beyond the January 9 deadline. Apply before the 16th. This award has vaulted recruiting departments at Aimco and Valero and elsewhere to prominence … and yours could be the next.


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