Become An Expert, Not Just A Recruiter

Doesn’t it seem like technology changes almost daily in the marketplace today? It is almost impossible to keep up with all of these changes. But as a recruiter, keeping up with the changing technology is not just a challenge, it’s also necessary to be effective in your job. Recruiting still remains a top priority for companies who wish to remain competitive in today’s market. Many times the people that are recruiting for these highly technical positions have only a basic, or in some cases, nonexistent understanding as to what they are recruiting for at all. But if you fall into this category, you are not alone! Below are some ideas on what you can do to improve your knowledge and become more effective in your job:

  1. Read up on the field you’re recruiting for. It may sound like the obvious answer, but it is often overlooked. There are many websites that can assist you with your research, such as This site is a valuable resource for looking up terms that may be foreign to you. There are also many industry-specific sites that allow you to gain more in depth knowledge of a specific technology or tool.
  2. Ask Questions. Once you have done some preliminary research, you will hopefully have a basic idea of what a particular technology does and what it is used for. If you have a basic understanding, it will make it much easier to ask intelligent questions. Talk to people in your company who use the technology on a day-to-day basis to find out how this technology or tool relates to your company’s products or services. Also get their opinion regarding how they like the technology and how they see it changing in the future.


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  1. Get a demonstration. There is no better way to understand what something is or how it works than sitting down and getting a quick demonstration. This will allow you to see how the tool or technology works first hand. A demonstration will give you hands-on experience and will allow you to ask more questions of one of your company’s resident experts. Best of all, it will really show your hiring managers that you are taking an active interest in what they do. This will go a long way toward gaining more credibility with hiring managers and their staff.
  2. Take a class. If you are going to be focused on a specific technology, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a class on that subject. You can take classes at a local university, community college, or even better, in-house. Many companies have in-house training programs for their own employees. Take the approach that a class will assist you in your overall knowledge, as well as demonstrate that you are willing to go the extra mile to become better at your job.
  3. Stay on top of the industry. Subscribe to industry publications so that you can stay on top of the changes in the industry. If a new tool, technology or new version is coming out, you will be able to find out about it before your hiring managers start asking for candidates with this experience.

If you follow these simple suggestions you will be miles ahead of other recruiters who are looking for the same candidates. You’ll set yourself apart from other recruiters, because you won’t just be a recruiter, you’ll be an expert! If there is anything that can help you stay ahead, it is getting to know your subject matter and staying on top of it as the industry changes.

Scott Hagen ( is a graduate of San Diego State University, with over 8 years of high tech corporate recruiting experience with industry leaders such as Qualcomm, Cymer, and Pyxis. Scott is also a co-designer of the Recruiters-Aid PERS (Proprietary E-Recruitment System). Recruiters-Aid provides Internet candidate sourcing and screening services, and guarantees results-or the clients do not pay. Recruiters-Aid manages one of the largest free recruiting resource sites ( online. Recruiters-Aid services were created specifically for recruiters who don't have time to source the Internet themselves.


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