Best Corporate Careers Sites

Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler of CareerXroads have examined the jobs/recruiting sections of Fortune Magazine’s list of America’s 500 Largest Public Corporations and will soon release a detailed report on their findings.

Crispin and Mehler measured “the site’s ability to target, engage, inform, and respect the job seeker.” Here,?in?alphabetical?order,?are the 25 members of the Fortune 500 that they say “seem to best understand how to treat today’s job seekers.”?

1.?????? Agilent

2.?????? Bank of America

3.?????? BellSouth

4.?????? C. H. Robinson

5.?????? Capital One

6.?????? Federated

7.?????? Ford

8.?????? GE

9.?????? General Mills

10.?? Goldman Sachs

11.?? HCA

12.?? Intel

13.?? Kodak

14.?? Lilly

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15.?? Merck

16.?? Microsoft

17.?? Morgan Stanley

18.?? Procter & Gamble

19.?? Sherwin-Williams

20.?? Southwest Airlines

21.?? Starbucks

22.?? Target

23.?? Texas Instruments

24.?? Whirlpool

25.?? Xerox


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