Best of Breed: Phone or Online?

Which contact method is the best, and why do you think that way? If you’re an online person, why do you think some people prefer the phone, and vice versa? Do the new online and social tools available make the phone less important in the recruiting world?

Jump right in, leave a comment, and let us know your uncensored thoughts. If you prefer, send me an email, just be sure to let me know if your comment is “on” or “off” the record. We will select some of the most interesting, no-holds-barred responses for inclusion in an upcoming article in The Fordyce Letter!

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Elaine Rigoli has nearly 15 years of experience managing content and community for various B2B and consumer websites. Elaine has written thousands of business and technology articles and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal and eWeek, among other publications.


3 Comments on “Best of Breed: Phone or Online?

  1. Elaine, thanks for the invite to Spout Off!

    Interesting question – I think the answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re a recruiter wanting to reach out and “touch” someone in real time I think the phone is your ally. However I also believe there are fewer and fewer people these days choosing this mode of communication as a front line weapon because many have come to regard the phone as being something of a nuisance.

    What do I mean?

    It interrupts the privacy of the online experience and who in their right mind doesn’t want to be left alone all day to dilly and dally where/when/with whom they please? We have a cadre of “recruiters” these days who have come along “on the ‘net” and prefer the solidarity of that experience. In other words, while their typing skills are Triple A their commucications skills are flagging sorely.

    I think the new tools make the phone ever more important and for those who know how to use it an ever-increasingly great competitive advantage!

    (You said uncensored…;))

    “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~ Roald Dahl

  2. Is music better than film or books or audio books? I love them all. Art is art! All our communication methods are perfect for certain things and stink for others.

    I learned this by pi**ing people off over a period of years with what I thought were completely innocent emails while simultaneously leaving voice mails for some guy for weeks only to have him respond to the very first email.

    I love technology too. Now I can pi** off people in huge groups at one time 🙂

  3. Poor workmen always blame their tools! My recent experience tells me that too many average to poor recruiters spend too much time finding ways not to effectively communicate with clients or candidates and the use of emails is the excuse they have been looking for… I agree withe Dave Staats, in the right hands all technology has its place and the skilled recruiter will achieve results.

    At Want to be a Big Biller? we have had a number of forum discussions around the question and I get a sense that recruiters are adapting to all forms of interaction with clients and candidates, the key being to develop these relationships earlier and over time utilising Web 2.0 so they are better positioned to approach them in a less “out of the blue” way.

    Personally, if I want to get someones attention, I pick up the phone first, am happy to leave descriptive messages and lastly send an email. Does that make me old fashioned?

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