Big Dallas Hiring Event Will Focus on Veterans

dcc-parking-mapAs part of the 100,000 jobs mission, a big hiring event is coming up in Dallas April 11.

The target market: veterans, guard and reserve members, and military spouses.

More than 70 employers are expected, including JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Cisco, Delta, Freeport-McMoRan, GM, HP, Hyundai, Intel, IBM, Lockheed, Kroger, and Verizon.

Some companies plan to bring managers — some veterans themselves — ready to make offers on site. (That’s one reason they’re calling this a “hiring event” and not a “career fair” — as a way of saying “there’ll be hiring here, not just screening conversations.”)

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The event’s at the convention center. Candidates can get all set up beforehand here.



3 Comments on “Big Dallas Hiring Event Will Focus on Veterans

  1. I commend these 94 companies, and challenge another 94 (particularly high-tech “Employers of Choice” [EoCs]) to hire 100,00 additional veterans by 2020.



  2. Is it too late for employers to join? What is the cost associated with this event and is there a link with more information available?

  3. Patrina – try Shannon at JPMorgan at 212-270-0563. If that doesn’t work, let me know. Thanks. Todd

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