Bill Vick Makes Me Think…about the “Collision”

Every time I talk to Bill Vick I come away with a few things that I can’t shake (translation: he makes me think about what I’m doing and why).

A few weeks ago he was talking about the “collision” that’s going on right now between Recruiting, Technology, and the Demographic issues related to the Boomers, Bakers, and Candlestick-Makers Boomers, X’ers, and Millenials. His videos say it all.

I then experienced it first-hand when I presented at a local IEEE meeting about using LinkedIn as a job-search tool. Don’t get me wrong, there were a handful of attendees who resonated with what I said (and all were kind and very gracious). The rest just thought I was whacko. Well, they are in good company.

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By the way, in the video, I refer to Bill’s site as …..actually, it’s

Roll ’em:

Humble seeker of wireless executives and passionate community-builder behind the curtains of


5 Comments on “Bill Vick Makes Me Think…about the “Collision”

  1. just an fyi guys, this is the second youtube clip ive clicked on in the last 60 second on the site (the other was the “approachability”) that said “this video is no longer available”…

    Would you mind checking videos to see if they work, or fixing them when they don’t?

  2. Tallis – wish I could help but both videos are working. If you click on the video only once, it will play directly on the screen. Twice will take you to youtube (which I’m sure you already know). Not sure which one you are doing but you are the only person that’s complained of them not working so far.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. den-
    no problem- i just clicked again, and it worked. 10 minutes ago, i clicked once ( & i have no popup blocker on) and it said what i typed in above… these are the days of our lives…

    on an entirely different note, on the value of these videos, i’m not entirely convinced, other than the novetly factor, that watching someone talk in a car is all that interesting. OK, I take that back after watching, partially… To me, it’s a small group of guys in a mutual admiration society, interviewing each other in some strange round-robin rotating system. I learn a lot more from long articles which explore topics in depth, not from short clips of namedropping, and car noise.

    No, I’m not old and cranky, or generally miserable… I guess I’m just truing to place where this stuff is of use, that’s all… No offense meant. Hey, is that a rubbermaid storage container in the backseat?

  4. Tallis – that’s why I love this format. All of us learn and or like learning/discussing things in different formats, and I appreciate the fact that not all people dig the video-thing. For those that don’t, I don’t even mind them telling me they don’t. For those that do (or, should I say, the one person that does:) it makes it fun to approach a topic in that way.

    Hey, I don’t think you are old or cranky – really. I understand that we are all different. For the most part, I don’t really do the videos as much for the people who don’t need them, as the people that do. They aren’t necessarily going to educate the majority of the people who might frequent this site (heck, by and large they are all much more experienced than I!). But you’d be surprised by the number of people (potential clients and candidates) who reach out to me because they saw one of the videos. It’s enough to make me want to continue.

    Hey, you’re the only person who mentioned the Rubbermaid container….YOU WIN! My daughter had a softball game the day before and I forgot to take out the cooler. I didn’t even notice it in the bground until you mentioned it! You’re a great detective, Tallis.

  5. My my wife is into storage containers, what can I say. It’s blurry, but I made out the profile… in a nonprofiling kind of way…

    Trouble is, she likes the contaner store, where they sell the same thing as k-mart, except they have prettier lighting, and 45% higher markup.

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