Bill Vick’s Commandments for Big Billers

Bill Vick’s Commandments for Big Billers

1 – Thou shall not play games thy can not win and never forget time kills all deals.

2 – Honor thy self first, the client second, and all others third. Never forget who brought you to the party.

3 – Thou shall plan thy work and work thy plan.

4 – Thou shall remember recruiting is a contact sport.

5 – Thou shall remember building relationships and establishing rapport is an all the time, not a sometime, thing. The 5 best and proven ways to build relationships are: 1 – Face to Face ; 2 – The phone; 3 – The phone; 4 – The phone; 5 – e-Mail

6 – Thou shall remember recruiting is a life style, not a sometimes job. If you don’t love it don’t do it. If you have to lie to win don’t do it. If you have to be somebody else from 8:00 to 5:00 don’t do it. Always strive for balance in your business, as in your life, and live with integrity and honor.

7 – Thou will follow through and never forget the deal is not done until the check clears.

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8 – Thou shall not get seduced by Technology. It is a tool not a crutch.

9 – Thou shall remember when hunting for clients or candidates, as in hunting for elephants, to use a rifle, not a shotgun.

10 – Thou shall not forget Recruiting is a business, not a profession, but to always act and conduct business professionally.

11 – Thou shall not forget the Golden Rule and treat others as you want to be treated.

Bill Vick has a long and stellar history in the recruiting business and has just co-authored a book entitled “Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiters” – 800-364-8425 –


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