Bond International Buys U.S. Staffing Software Provider VCG

Staffing and recruiting tech provider VCG Software has been acquired by British-based Bond International Software for $9 million.

Bond, a publicly traded company on the London exchange, is one of the largest providers of staffing software in the world. It also serves corporate recruiting offices with its Bond Talent recruiting program.

VCG, founded by the merger of two companies in 1991, specializes in the staffing sector. Pointwing is the company’s modular library of recruiting services, which includes a resume search, sourcing tool, job board, and ATS. StaffSuite is a complete front office tool set.

Bond’s acquisition of VCG strengthens its presence in the U.S., where it has a foothold. Out of an office in Minnesota, it marketed its StarSearcher, an ATS targeted to the smaller employer, since rebranded Bond Talent. Bond Talent is now its flagship ATS for corporate recruiting. Enhanced with additional features, primarily to streamline administrative functions, it was relaunched earlier this year.

I spoke with Tim Giehll, president and CEO of Bond Talent in the U.S., when we were at HR Tech last month. We talked extensively about Bond’s human capital ‘supply chain’ strategy and the elements the company had in place or would be releasing soon. The solutions are all web-based, and most of them are currently available.

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Bond Adapt, eEmpAct, and Vantage (for executive search) are some of the original staffing programs and are in use by several thousands customers globally, including Manpower. Bond Talent is the talent management component. Still coming is Bond HR, an ambitious expansion into HRIS with performance management, workforce planning, and comp and admin components.

What the acquisition of VCG means for its existing customers in the long term wasn’t detailed. However, the announcement seemed to say the VCG product line will continue to be offered.

“The clear synergies between the two companies and their respective offerings provide us with the confidence that no changes to brands, products, company structure or delivery of the products are required,” said Bond’s CEO, Steve Russell.

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