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We’re all familiar with the benefits of email. And, for recruiters, that means it’s easier to stay in contact with lots of people, including your candidates and potential candidates. If you have a list of contacts that want to hear from you — either regularly or occasionally — it’s a great way to develop the recruitment relationship over time. If your email is well written and well executed, it can serve to strengthen your relationship with your candidates. But if you annoy or anger them you’re defeating the whole purpose of contacting them. So, the first step is developing a targeted list of people who are interested in receiving your messages. CREATING AN OPT-IN STRATEGY:

There are several ways to create a list of contacts that might be interested in the jobs you’re trying to fill. If you have a Web site, the best way is to adopt an opt-in approach. Opt-in is a strategy in which people ask to be included on your email list. It’s the least intrusive and most valued way to build a target list. Do you have a form on your site where visitors can opt-in to receive your latest job postings? This is ideal since only those who are interested will opt-in. You get a ready-made database of recipients who have requested to be there. Of course, if only one or two people each day opt-in, your database won’t grow very quickly. But if your site is already well-trafficked, this could be your answer ? especially since many job hunters don’t have the time to spend searching all the job postings available on the ‘Net. Delivering your opportunities to their mailbox may be just what they’re looking for. UnityMail by Revnet makes opt-in easy. Web-based forms that you add to your site allow you to collect names, addresses, and a variety of demographic information. You can also add your corporate database to it. Then, sending mail is a breeze. You can even further target by applying particular criteria so that only a select group from your entire database gets the email. The program also measures the response to trackable URLs you provide within your email so you can see who visited the page because of the email. ANOTHER OPTION ALTOGETHER:

Ezine (online magazines) advertising may be easier than bulk mail and it’s just about guaranteed to reach your target market. Or you can sponsor a mailing list discussion. You can get a free list of ezines by sending an email message to ezinelist@gorillamarketing.com or you can download one here. Discussion groups can be found at Forum One. Both advertising and sponsorship get your name out where you choose and neither is sent as bulk mail. THE RIGHT SOLUTION:

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There are no easy solutions to the problem of trying to communicate with lots of potential candidates. Though the Internet can help you with some pieces, it offers different challenges. The ongoing debate over unsolicited commercial email and any direct email marketing is a case in point. The best way to avoid any appearance of impropriety is to steer clear of disreputable practices. Proceed deliberately and respect every individual’s rights and desires.

Jennifer Hicks, a seasoned Internet researcher who writes extensively on the use of the Internet for job hunters and recruiters, is a contributor to AIRS research. The AIRS Search Guide acts as your personal trainer, guiding you through our Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies (AIRS) in a highly illustrated offline magazine. Each issue is full of new sourcing strategies, search examples, step-by-step procedures, and AIRS latest research for finding high-value passive candidates on the Internet. Contact AIRS at searchguide@airsproducts.com


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