C++ Job Ads Get an F for Fake

Are tech firms faking job ads to avoid hiring U.S. workers? That’s the allegation that executives from Cisco to Hewlett Packard are facing, according to spurned computer programmers who are looking for answers.

According to the Programmers Guild, an association that advocates for the interests of U.S. computer programmers and other tech workers, Hewlett Packard has been running fraudulent job ads.

The Programmers Guild alleges that these job postings are impossible to fill, thus demonstrating that the company can not find qualified Americans, its first step toward obtaining Green Cards for temporary foreign workers.

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A Hewlett Packard spokesperson told InfoWorld that “HP has no plans to substitute American workers with foreign nationals for these roles. HP is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any workers, but always seeks to hire the best and the brightest and that includes a small percentage (2-3%) of foreign nationals.”

Last week, Hewlett Packard announced it would lay off about 24,600 employees over the next three years as part of the $13.9 billion acquisition of Electronic Data Systems last month.

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