Career Site Metrics You Should be Tracking

Marketing teams track everything that happens on their site. These insights allows them to understand what tactics are working, and how to drive more revenues.

Similarly, you should track some key metrics on your careers site to better grasp the candidate journey and how to get more quality applicants into your hiring funnel.

Track the number of visitors, how engaged these visits are, where visitors are coming from, if they actually apply for a job or talent community, and ultimately if these actions lead to a hire.

Understand how each metric ties to your efforts to drive awareness and consideration among relevant talent pools.

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Here’s more on what metrics to track, and more importantly why we should be tracking them:

Phil Strazzulla is the CEO of NextWave Hire, a recruitment marketing software company.  NextWave Hire powers talent communities, enhances your career site, creates employer branding content, and spreads the word on social about your talent brand. He was an early stage investor at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School where he founded NextWave Hire.


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