Career Sites Have Come a Long Way. Are We Measuring the Payoff?

Compared to a decade ago, career websites are vastly improved, complete with videos, testimonials, better messaging and value propositions … even interactive games and virtual reality like at Intuit and Jaguar.

But who’s measuring the ROI on all that money spent?

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Phil Strazzulla of NextWave Hire and I talk about this ROI, as well as:

  • Why some companies don’t measure the payoff
  • What the typical conversion rate of visitors to applicants is
  • What the gold standard of visitors to applicants is
  • What talent acquisition can learn from what consumer marketing does


4 Comments on “Career Sites Have Come a Long Way. Are We Measuring the Payoff?

  1. Awesome! Some ATS come with the option to track careers site conversion (see: so you can tweak it and see what helps ROI in what situations. Hiring needs are always fluctuating, so your strategies should be, too. It’s not a “one and done” deal! It’s best to constantly optimize. Thanks for sharing this talk 🙂

  2. ISTM that the payoff can be defined as being one of three factors.
    Is hiring:
    1) Faster,
    2) Cheaper, or
    3) Better?

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